Purchasing / eProcurement Management (EP)

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The Purchasing / eProcurement Management helps streamline your procurement processes to easily track and manage purchase orders. Business driven approvals with multiple triggers to involve different approvers.

Sub Modules:

- Purchase Order / Purchasing Management (PO)
- eProcurement System (EPS)

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Purchase Order / Purchasing Management (PO)

eProcurement System (EPS)

General Features

  • Workflow/Business Process Setting Enabled.
  • Fully Integrated with Inventory Control/Production Planning/Control/Account Payable.
  • Multi Level Based On Organization Authority Person Document Approval/Checking Function(Paperless Environment).
  • Various Documents Can Be Copied from Source Document Following the Workflow/Business Rule Setting( It is time saving and accurate).
  • Unit Cost Based On Standard, Sales Price List or Quotation
  • Purchases Cost Price Analysis/Comparative Report based of Vendor,Vendor Type,Stock Item,Date.
  • Purchases Forecast.
  • Multiple Ship Address(Location/Warehouse).
  • Various Transactions Like Purchases Quotation,Purchases Order,Purchases Order Cancel,Purchases Requisition,Purchases Contract,Purchases Invoice,Purchases Credit Note,Purchases Debit Note,Cash Purchases.
  • Flexible Multi-Level Purchases Discount like 10%+15%.
  • Microsoft OLAP Data Warehousing,Data Mining,Data Mart Enabled.
  • Monthly Comparative Report.
  • Multi-Level Product Purchases Analysis Report.
  • Actual Usage/Purchases Order Planning Report.
  • Can Link To Supply Chain Management(SCM) Function.
  • On-Line Stock Balance Checking,Historical/Current Unit Cost Price while Processing the Invoice,GRN,Purchases Order,Quotation.
  • Transport Management
  • User Report Writer Provided,User Can Modify Any Report or Document.
  • All The Reports Can Be Analyzed by Vendor,Vendor Type,Branch,Item Category,Date.
  • Allow Partial Delivery Of Purchases order,With Undelivered Balance Quantity And Cost Maintained.
  • Allow Order Limit By User.
  • Pop-up Screen To Display Credit Limit, Outstanding Balance and Credit Availability.
  • Auto Generates Of Alert Message to Supervisor/Manager for Approval.
  • Purchases On Order Status Report.
  • Purchases outstanding Report.
  • Vendor Delivery Performance Analysis Report.
  • Purchases Cost Variance Report(Actual Cost/Standard Cost).
  • Purchases Cost Report.
  • Purchases Order Analysis

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