System Manager / Workflow Control (SMWF)

Module Info

The System Manager module is the main application software attached to all M@ERP Software Solution Packages. It assumes the important role of System Controller who assists personnel in-charge or System Administrator to manage and distribute system resources anytime the administrator desires.

Sub Modules:

- System Manager (SM)
- Workflow Control (WF)

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System Manager / Workflow Control (SMWF)

General Features

  • Document Authority Approval Workflow Control Based Of Business Process
  • Multi Level Security Control like Workgroup, Company, Function, Operation, Record and Field Access Control
  • Housekeeping Tools and Database Maintenance
  • Audit Trial Report, User Activity, Report and User Log In Report
  • Management Alert Report by E-Mail, SMS and Net Send Message
  • Multi Level Authority Approval
  • Checking Approval Based Of Organization Chart
  • Multi Auto Generated Numbering Format for Transaction Documents
  • Multi Fiscal Year Data Keeping
  • Multi Company Data Set
  • Transfer Data from Other Systems (DBF, XLS, TXT via ODBC)
  • XML Enabled

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