Asset Management (AM)

Module Info

The Fixed / Capital Asset Management is an application software that can help companies manage their fixed assets such as buildings, fixtures, and machinery for easier organization.

Sub Modules:

- Fixed / Capital Asset Management (FA)

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Fixed / Capital Asset Management (FA)

General Features

  • User defined annual depreciation rate/percent
  • Fully linked to G/L, A/P, P/O, C/B, A/R, S/O modules
  • Various depreciation methods like None, Straight-Line, Unit of Production, Double-Decline-Balance, Sum-Of-Year-Digits or User Defined
  • Multi-line asset specification
  • Multi choice depreciation periods like Yearly, Quartrly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, User Defined
  • Multi location/branch
  • Barcode and serial no. traceable
  • Picture/photo enabled
  • Insurance and maintenance record
  • Lease/hire purchases payment record
  • Various transactions like Auto Depreciation Journal, Disposal, Selling, Partial Transfer/Exchange, Re-Value, Add Value, Location Transfer
  • New asset or cost transaction can be posting from other module transactions like cash purchase (A/P, P/O), Purchase Invoice (A/P,P/O), Miscellaneous Payment Voucher (A/P, C/B), Sales Invoice (A/R, S/O)
  • Disposal of fixed assets schedule
  • Fixed asset schedule
  • Asset detail listing
  • Asset schedule listing
  • Depreciation journal voucher
  • Depreciation journal listing

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