Retail Management System (RMS)

Module Info

M@ERP Retail Management System (RMS) is specially design for a retail business looking for a front end POS software package that both simplifies the way you run your store and provides you with complete control over you retail business, the Easy POS System is the ideal solution.

Ring up cash sales, lay-bys, invoices, quotes, take customer orders and identify unique sales opportunities with the easy to use sales screen; Easy POS system will updates it stock inventory with every transaction.

Easy POS System simplifies stock control, slashes up to 90% off stock take times and creates retail-specific reports that will help your business reach it's full potential.

Sub Modules:

- Point of Sales - Retail (rPOS)
- Point of Sales - F&B (fPOS)
- Point of Sales - Beauty Center (bPOS)
- Point of Sales - Goldsmiths & Jewellers (gPOS)
- Point of Sales - Car Park (cPOS)

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Point of Sales - Retail, F&B, Beauty Center, Goldsmiths & Jewellers, Car Park

General Features

  • Item discount in percentage
  • Item discount by amount (multi-level discount)
  • Item serial number
  • Item price overwrite with approval
  • F.O.C. given with approval
  • Item discount (% or amount) void
  • Menu/item/screen/payment mode programming
  • Touch screen/keyboard input
  • Cash, credit card, cheque and foreign currency receipt
  • Item pricing checking
  • Preview of previous/next receipt
  • On hold sales/receipt
  • Receipt print/re-print
  • Taxes/charges handling
  • Barcode scanner/shortcut key
  • Interface with credit card
  • Interface with kitchen printer/kitchen ringer
  • Interface with inventory control
  • Multi-level security control
  • Staff clock in/out
  • Predefined remark/customer display message
  • Promotional item setting
  • Table reservation
  • Membership bonus point/gift redemption
  • VIP member discount/pricing
  • Staff purchasing discount
  • User defined receipt header and footer
  • Shift table and time control
  • User training mode
  • Manual input/scan voucher
  • Stock receive, transfer, adjustment, exchange, and refund
  • Bonuslink information
  • Sales order/lay-by
  • Package/combo item setting/pricing
  • Stock explosion/recipe setting
  • Promotion price by effective period
  • Promotion price tracking
  • Discontinued item by effective period
  • Unlimited outlet/location define
  • Copy existing item to new location/outlet
  • Unlimited stock item
  • Unlimited department/category/group
  • Cashier control by group/function
  • Serial number/warranty period tracking
  • Easy payment scheme handling
  • Festival/exhibition project management
  • Stock take handling by PDA or mobile scanner device
  • Import/export data via Internet XML format

Function Menu

Point Of Sales

System Setup

POS Transaction Processing

POS Reports

POS Task/Function Processing