Material Management System (MM)

Module Info

The Material Management System is related to planning, procuring, storing & providing the appropriate material of right quality, right quantity at right place in right time so as to co-ordinate & schedule the production activity in a integrative way for an industrial undertaking.

Sub Modules:

- Inventory Control (IC)
- Warehousing Management (WM)
- Bill Of Material (BOM)

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Inventory Control (IC) / Warehousing Management (WM)

General Features

  • Multi Level Bill Of Material (BOM)
  • BOM Product by Lot Size
  • Multi Level Location / Warehouse
  • Use Multiple Bin
  • Multi Level Product Group
  • Multi Unit of Measurement
  • Batch Control
  • Multiple Line Item Specification
  • Product Configuration
  • Standard/ FIFO/ Weighted Average/ Most Recent Costing Method
  • Barcode Tracking Enabled
  • Purchase, Sales and Production can use different Unit of Measurement
  • Unit Cost/ Unit Price Based of Standard Stock Item/ Price List/ Quotation/ Purchase Contract
  • Product Photo Display or Printing Enabled
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Material Forecast
  • Goods Received Note, Goods Return Note, Sales Return Note, Adjustment Entry, Goods Transfer Note, Material Requisition, Stock Issue Note, Production Sheet, Assembly Note, Finished Goods Transfer Note, Material Return, Physical Stock Count, Cost Allocation
  • Multi Dimension Formula Setting For Quality likes Quantity, Weight, Length, Width, Thickness, Area, Tonnage, Size, Packing, Cubic, Volume, Bundle
  • Indirect Material Transaction
  • Job Costing Sheet
  • Serial No.
  • Lot No. Tracking
  • User Defined Extra Field For Detail Item Line
  • User Report Writer Provided. User Can Modify Any Reports Or Documents
  • User Defined Matrix Field Setting likes Bundle No. Drum No., Lot No., etc Transaction/ Movement/ Activity Report/ Listing for the defined fields
  • Sub-Contractor Management
  • Reserved, Reorder Point and Safety Stock Function
  • Automatically Predefined Format Item Code Generation
  • Stock Status Report
  • Stock Valuation Report
  • Transaction/ Movement/ Activity Report
  • Reorder Report
  • Slow Moving Item Listing
  • Overstock Item Report
  • Stock Current Balance Report
  • Multi Level BOM Report
  • Consignment Transaction Report
  • Yearly Budget Report
  • Item Usage Report
  • Production Planning/ Control Report
  • Goods Received Note/ Listing/ Analysis/ Un-invoiced Report
  • Job Order Sheet/ Production Usage Report
  • Material Requisition Report
  • Production Sheet Report
  • Stock Count Form

Function Menu

Inventory Control / Production Planning

System Setup

Item Manager



Task / Function Processing

Bill Of Material (BOM)